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The Chefs

image of Chef Chef Neller Card

Chef Neller Card

Executive Catering Chef

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Neller has over 25 years experience in the professional kitchen as well as restaurant management, catering & event planning, and industry training. Neller is passionate about using fresh ingredients and blending traditional flavors with new techniques.

image of Chef Chef Hans Vogel

Chef Hans Vogel

Executive Catering Chef

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Chef Hans comes from a high end cheese shop in California and has a background in catering larger events.

image of Chef Chef Anourom Thomson

Chef Anourom Thomson

Executive Chef Anousone

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Chef Thomson brings more than 21 years of culinary experience to Anousone, creating a blend of American and Laos-inspired fare.

image of Chef Chef Brett DeHart

Chef Brett DeHart

Executive Chef Fenix & Tora Zushi

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Chef Brett spent seven years creating some of the ‘Best in Utah’ dishes, but has recently returned to his nest in Kansas with the same ambitions. As a jack of all trades in the kitchen, he is confident in creating a multitude of cuisines that cater to anyone.

image of Chef Chef Doug McNay

Chef Doug McNay

Executive Chef Norcini

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Chef Doug aka Dougie Fresh has been working in a variety of kitchens for more than 25 years. Chef McNay considers himself lucky to hone his skills making deep, authentic Italia.

image of Chef Chef DaiQuon Watts

Chef DaiQuon Watts

Executive Chef Solstice

Image of Solstice icon

Chef Watts with his 16 years of experience thrives with the challenge of preparing dishes that are laborious, non-traditional and perhaps unappealing to a given guest.

image of Chef Chef Derek Losson

Chef Derek Losson

Executive Chef Panacea

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Chef Derek has been cooking up his delicious dishes for more than 11 years. He excels in cuisines including Italian, southern and midwestern.

image of Chef Chef Nicole Shute

Chef Nicole Shute

Executive Chef Verde

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A KC native, Chef Nicole Shute has rich experience of over 15 years in the culinary world immersed in a variety of dining concepts from farm to table to fine dining to hotel, with an emphasis on scratched-based cooking.